S A M P L E   M E N U 


We create unique catering experiences limited by only your imagination. We can craft the perfect culinary experience and have it designed to fit your every desire. The sample menu below will give you a taste of what we can offer.


Beef Sliders

Juicy hand made beef patty on a slider bun topped with aged cheddar and a grainy mustard aioli and baby arugula

Turkey Slider

Delicious Turkey patty on a slider bun with “Waldorf Style” creamy topping and Crisp Frisee

Lamb Slider

Succulent Lamb Patty on a slider bun with Tzatziki and grilled zucchini

Asian Chicken Satay

Asian Marinated Chicken on a skewer, served with a sweet mango dip

Cashew Chicken Bites

Crunchy Panko and Cashew Crusted Chicken Breast pieces served with sweet chilli sauce

Coconut Shrimp

Large Shrimp Coated in Tempura Coconut Batter

Thai Grilled Shrimp

Lemongrass and Lime Marinated Shrimp, grilled to perfection served with a Thai Curry Dip

Traditional White Wine Poached Shrimp 

With Homemade Horseradish Cocktail Sauce

Catch of the day Taco

Market White fish, slightly crusted served in a mini soft taco with Pineapple Mango Salsa

Wasabi Tuna Crostini

Sushi Grade Slightly seared and spiced Tuna atop a crunchy rice crostini, garnished with Wasabi Aioli and Micro Greens

Fish and Chip Popper

Perfectly Golden Fried Market white fish encrusted in a Potato Chip Tempura batter served with traditional Tartar Sauce

Grilled Beef Satay 

Marinated steak, skewered and grilled served with Peanut Sauce

Chipotle Chocolate Dusted Beef Carpaccio

Thinly Sliced Beef Tenderloin Carpaccio served on French Crostini served with Chipotle Aioli and Crisp Baby Arugula

Lobster Mac and Cheese

Creamy Macaroni and Cheese with chunks of Lobster meat served in a bamboo boat

Wacky Macky

Taking Mac and cheese to the next level with smoked Gouda cheese sauce and topped with crispy Pancetta and crunchy Buttery Panko Herb Crumb

Heritage Sausage Rolls

Homemade sausage wrapped in buttery Puff Pastry served with grainy Mustard

Eggplant Bruschetta

Sauteed Eggplant with fresh Basil and Reduced Balsamic Glaze on top of a parmesan Crusted Polenta Crostini

Mini Caprese

Cherry Tomato and Mini Bocconcini skewered together and drizzled with Fresh Pesto

Mushroom Prosciutto Salad Wrap

Parmigiano Crusted Oyster Mushrooms wrapped inside lightly dressed Mixed Greens and rolled with Prosciutto Di Parma.

Zucchini Bruschetta

Traditional Tomato Bruschetta on a zucchini fritter garnished with fresh Basil



Berry Spinach Salad

With Goat Cheese Crumble, Bizou Spiced Pecans & Orange Vinaigrette

Its All Greek To me Salad

Traditional Greek Salad topped with toasted peppitas

Thai Noodle Salad

Slightly spicy Noodles with Edamame, Red Pepper, Green onion, Shredded Carrot and garnished with Fresh Cilantro and Sesame Seeds

Nicoise Salad

Steamed mini red potato, haricot Verts, Heirloom Tomato, Olives, Boiled Egg and Tuna dressed in a light caper vinaigrette.

Green Penne Salad

Baby greens mixed with Penne Pasta, pancetta, Cherry Tomatoes in a Pesto Vinaigrette, finished with curls of Parmigiano Reggiano.

Traditional Garlicky Caesar Salad 

With Homemade crunchy croutons and crisp Romaine, tossed in creamy Caesar dressing and grated

Super Food Quinoa Salad

Blueberries, Kale, Apple, Cranberries tossed together with quinoa and slivered almonds in a light Turmeric Apple Cider Vinaigrette

CousCous Waldorf Salad

Israeli Couscous mixed with Granny Smith, Celery, Grapes, Walnuts in a light creamy dressing. **add chicken or Salmon


Puree of Roasted Mushroom Medley Soup

An earthy creamless vegetarian mushroom soup

Tomato Bisque

Pureed Tomato Soup with Fresh Basil and finished with Balsamic Reduction


Brie and Ham Sandwich

With fresh Baby greens on Croissant with Dijonaise

Roast Beef and Swiss Cheese Sandwich 

On Kaiser Bun with Horseradish Mayo, caramelized Onion and baby arugula.

Turkey and Cheddar Sandwich

On Baguette with Tomato, cucumber, romaine and Chipotle Mayo

The Italian

Salami, prosciutto and Provolone on a foccacia with baby spinach, pickled vegetables and garlicky mayo.

The Dutch

Ham and Gouda Cheese on Whole wheat sliced bread with lettuce, tomato, cucumber, boiled egg, grainy mustard and mayonnaise.

Pastrami and Swiss

On Rye with Grainy Mustard, sliced pickles and baby arugula.

The Veggie

Grilled Vegetables with Pesto spread and crumbled Goat Cheese
on Ciabatta.


Artisanal Cheese Platter

An array of Canadian and International Cheeses accompanied by Compote, dried fruits, nuts, berries and served with fresh baguette and crackers

Anti Pasto Platter

Grilled Vegetables, Prosciutto, Cacciatore, Salami, Bocconcini, artichokes, cherry tomatoes and variety of olives, served with baguette

Mezze Platter

Grilled Vegetables, Feta, Tzatziki, Humus, babaghanoush, Pita and Kalamata Olives

Sushi Platter

( talk to us to get it right!)

Fruit Platter

A fresh variety of Melon, exotic fruits, grapes and Berries

Crudite Platter

A selection of seasonal vegetables, cucumber, carrots, celery served with dip

Cookies and Biscotti

A delicious variety of freshly baked cookies and biscotti garnished with fresh strawberries


(Seasonal Menu)

Moroccan Spiced Butternut Squash Soup

Garnished with Peppitas and herbed Creme Fraiche

Fennel and Blood Orange baby Spinach Salad 

Dressed with champagne Vinaigrette

Slowly Braised Ontario Leg of Lamb

With Pomegranate Red Wine Jus on top of Currant and Slivered Almond Couscous garnished with Minted Greek Yoghurt

Flourless Dark Chocolate Cake

With Fresh Berries and a Drizzle of Cinnamon caramel

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Truffled Puree of Mushroom Soup 

Garnished with Parmigiano Crostini

Mache and Belgian Endive Salad

With Pomegranate Dressing and Slightly Spicy Candied Pecans

Peppercorn Encrusted Steak of Tuna

With Roasted Rosemary Mini Red Potatoes and Crisp Haricot Verts garnished with Garlic Roasted Cherry Tomatoes on the vine

Tarte Tatin

With French Vanilla Ice Cream and Raspberry Coulis

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Roasted Red Pepper and Tomato Bisque 

With Pesto Oil Garnish

Grilled Vegetable Caprese

With Buffalo Mozzarella and reduced Balsamic

Hearty Ragout of Braised Beef Short Rib 

With Papardelle and Garnished with Parmigiano Reggiano.

Homemade Tiramisu and Mini Biscotti

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Cream of Asparagus Soup 

Garnished with Crispy Jamon

Roasted Red Pepper and Olive Salad

With Baby Greens and Caramalized Onion Dressing garnished with Manchego Curls

Traditional Seafood and Chicken Paella

A fragrant saffron infused seafood and chicken rice stew with fresh peas

Catalan Caramel Cream 

Garnished with fresh berries


Call or email us to discuss your own unique menu options and learn how we can help you make that dream a reality.


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